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Samus Aran

X-Treme Rogue Progress 1!

To initiate our lil community, I thought I'd post today's progress on X-Treme Rogue!
Here's the suits, seperate:

and my hubbys foot, hahah!

Here they are on me: (disclaimer: i'm pretty certain that i resemble a red and blue sausage in these suits. not much i can do about that now! hah!)

They are made of satin spandex, and the red one is a few inches two big and the blue one is effectively one size too small. I guess they'll have to even out!
The red one is a KwikSew pattern, completely unaltered, and i'm really pleased with the fit for not having to have changed anything. Taking in a few inches in the back on the zipper is NOTHING compared to what I did for the blue one. The blue one started as a Green Pepper "racing suit" pattern and has been revised to hell and back. I've used it for previous bodysuits, but none of them fit quite right, so i tried to amend my fabric-muslin-pattern pieces. They're too small now!! Booo.

My next step is taking about three inches out of the back of the red suit's zipper, then attaching the blue suit to that same zipper, so they'll essentially be once piece. The only problem with the blue suit being too small is that I can't move my arms all that well, but its not bad at all, so I'm leaving it. Then, I'll start with the hipline. I'm going to draw with a dressmakers pen onto the red suit, while i'm wearing it, the shape i want the hipline to be - since everything's covered, i'm going high and skinny!! we're talking thong territory here. for the sake of accuracy, of course (ahem). Then I'm going to cut it, with a seam allowance. I think, to get that raised, puffy section around the hipline, I'm going to create that piece seperately and stuff it with fiber-fil. I'll have to measure the size ON me, then create it to THAT size, then sew it to the stretched-out hipline. Sounds kinda tricky, but I think that losing the stretch in that part will make the shape better. I think that's a lofty enough goal for now!

And, since its been below zero here, I moved all my stuff into the living room! Here's my "sewing room"!

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